How I see it

I have categorized my poems for easier access. The category details are as follows:

1. Articles: Contain essays and articles.

  • Light a candle

2. Beauty: Photographs, pictures of my artwork and poems about things I find beautiful.

  • The glitter of the sea
  • Forts and Fortresses
  • Dreams
  • Pakistan
  • Peace
  • The modern tragedy

3. Darkness: Poems about our dark thoughts which we can’t seem to escape from.

  • Scream
  • Darkness
  • I wonder why
  • The labyrinthian mind
  • Monsters
  • The past
  • Story of the rain

4. Destruction: Poems about social issues, like rape and acid throwing.

  • The Safoora Goth Incident
  • Ask
  • Little girls
  • The courageous one

5. Experiences: All the amazing and not so amazing experiences of my life.

  • Kietmun: An Experience of a lifetime

6. Fear: All those things which haunt us day in, day out.

  • Untitled.
  • Fear

7.  Feelings: All those explained and unexplained feelings.

  • You choose
  • Fate
  • Happiness
  • My mother

8. Hatred: It rules us all, doesn’t it?

  • Rewrite the past
  • Karo-kari
  • Bullying
  • In the end

9. Nostalgia: All the memories, all that we have lost. Life and Death the biggest separator.

  • Don’t Dwell
  • Once upon a simpler time
  • If i fall
  • Not that it matters
  • Hazara Killings
  • Memories
  • A brave heart

10. Stories: Not much of a story writer.

  • .
  • Confessions
  • A day without the internet
  • Unseen

11. Strength: All those things which allow us to stand tall and face our fears.

  • They Stood
  • Grab at life
  • Take the step
  • Free
  • Smile
  • Determination
  • Hope

12.  Weakness: The collapse.

  • Stumped
  • Those
  • Pain
  • Eyes
  • The drought we face
  • Our troubles
  • When will we learn?

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