A Brave Heart

We guard the borders,

Waiting for orders.

Our life is for you,

The oath we took is true.

The truth holds out,

We won’t scream or shout.

Our time is here,

Proof that we dare.

Remember us, don’t forget,

We tried to stop and set.

Martyrs we are,

Never too far.

We hand this country over to you,

Our memories are not few.

Pray for us and our soul,

Thank you God! We played our role.

As we lay in our icy graves,

Hoping to be remembered as braves.

We remember and think,

Our life is on the brink.

Our families, for us, God will keep,

We have sown, now you shall reap.

Don’t let our sacrifice go waste,

Brutality, we don’t want you to taste.

It is our job you might say,

But trust us, we won’t have it any other way.

Destiny has played its part,

For some, its a new start.

Pray for us, remember us,

Don’t create such a fuss.

Just remember and pray,

Sweet memories never fray.

(A poem about the martyrs of Siachin)


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