Little Girls

Little girls who play with dolls,

Who tend to cry after falls.

Who laugh at things not funny enough,

Who pretend they are very tough.

These girls are in real danger today,

And for them we must pray.

Little girls; seven and eight,

Who know nothing of kismet and fate.

Who run to Mummy at the slightest fear,

Who have pearls in place of tears.

These girls are victims of beasts so vile,

And thus, they lose their smiles.

Little girls; so sweet and pure,

Who know not to endure,

Who are young and innocent,

Who dream with purpose and intent.

These girls have their childhoods robbed,

And all the while their mothers sobbed.

Little girls so full of care,

With values held ever so rare.

Who sleep with a teddy; a bunny,

Who love the weather when its sunny.

These girls lose their will; their life,

When faced with such a strife.

(Rape is a heinous crime whose perpetrators should have a punishment worse than death. And when the victim is a child the crime becomes even more sickening. These little girls robbed of their childhood; made to live in constant fear and whose victimization often never even comes to light.)

Rape, Children, little girls, innocence


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