Amongst ourselves we fight,

With no reason in sight.

On the verge of destruction we are,

This demolition we need to bar.

The destruction of character, structure, innocence,

The need to see reason really is immense.

A ray of hope we need to light,

Give up the thought that “money is might”

Who do we think we are fooling?

We can’t get anywhere without schooling.

The peace we need,

Is to be sowed as a seed.

The horrific massacre of the pure,

This epidemic we need to cure.

Then there’s hunger and famine,

Like the deepest darkest ravine.

In the flurry of the flood,

There is yet more loss of blood.

We seem surrounded by trouble,

Standing in the middle of rubble.

It gives me great sorrow,

But I still have hope for tomorrow.

Once again we shall rise,

And this time we shall be wise.


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