Our Troubles

Let the stars of fate shine,

Allow our thoughts to intertwine.

Break free of hate,

Let go of fate.

Hold the bridle ever so tight,

Soon we will come to light.

No hate, no worries,

No need for any hurries.

We stand together hand in hand,

And fighting stops in this land.

The day our differences we forget,

Our course for success will be set.

No sects, no castes,

Hatred never really lasts.

Our history we have forgotten,

Our insides are all rotten.

This country we don’t deserve,

Yet untroubled we are, of all the nerve.

Too busy with our own lives,

Lower, the nation’s state dives.

Our youth seems asleep,

It’s in a slumber, which is very deep.

Their company is all wrong,

Time to ring the gong.

No feelings, no emotions,

No thoughts or notions.

We are careless and carefree,

How lazy can we be?

Fashion and latest trends,

Are there no limits or ends?

Nothing is wrong with being in style,

But fashion victims really rile.

We’re great at wasting time,

Don’t know where to draw the line.

The trouble with us remains,

Emotions a person can’t tame.

Our destinies are in a knot,

Harmony needs to be taught.

Time takes its toll,

Our mind and body, heart and soul.

Our nation is young still,

With bliss, it can fill.

Everyone elated and content,

No trouble at all in paying the rent.

Food, clothes and homes,

The streets safe to roam.

Plenty of jobs and schools,

People living life according to the rules.

Equality all around,

Peace and happiness finally found.


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