When Will We Learn?

On the brink of carnage,

So full of rage.

Divided into tribes,

Putting first our cribes.

Not united at all,

No wonder we don’t stand tall.

Our enemies so strong,

Oh! Where did we go wrong?

Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi Pathan,

Agha, Rind, Malik and khan.

This division of caste, of color and creed,

Seems to be the basis of all greed.

A message of harmony we got,

By our great prophet it was taught.

These noble lessons he gave,

The destruction of humans to save.

Prejudice and harm,

Go arm in arm.

The truth stands crude,

No time to brood.

We have the gift,

To get out of this rift.

But bothered we are not,

How then, will we get out of this rot?


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