The Modern Tragedy

I had a nightmare, horible it was,

Most troublesome was the cause.

The tailor again messed up my size,

The dress hung loosely as a prize.

The stylist choe the crazy look,

On my head a new twist it took.

The make up all melted away,

With all the sweat it refused to stay.

The heels of my shoes broke at a time,

When the party was at its prime.

Then I fell on the stage,

Laughter turned over a new page.

Ketchup and coke fell on my head,

All these signs I should have read.

The time for desert came as a curse,

All the happenings it made me rehearse.

My icecream had a cockroach inside,

It had found the worst place to hide.

A gruesome end to my horrible tale,

At the end I broke my nail.


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