Trust me dear; this was fate,

Meant to happen at any rate.

Full of surprises, is this life,

Moments of happiness or of strife.

All these smiles that we share,

Always so full of love and care.

It’s in our eyes what we feel,

And that is the real deal.

Sunny days and rainy nights,

Pretty flowers, shiny lights…

All those stars in the skies,

And this brightness in the eyes.

No matter where we walk ahead,

This is where life has led.

Losing it all, is my fear,

All that I hold dear.

So stand with me, hold my hand,

Stand with me and be my friend.

In the dark when i lose my way,

Be who gives me the courage to stay.

When I am in the problem phase,

Help me out of my daze.

This you do, and you will too,

And this is why I believe in you.


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