Ask that bloodied shoe in the corner,

What it’s owner’s mistake was…

That little girl with the pretty smile,

Find out what she dreamt.

Ask the hallways of the school,

What teachings did it ensure…

That little boy who learned Salam,

What misstep did he make.

Ask the swings which stand so quiet,

What happiness did it spread…

How many children took turns,

To enjoy the pleasant wind.

Ask the windows of the days,

When children would wait for games…

Or look out and smile,

Waiting for the school bell to ring.

Ask the ties;  they stuffed in their mouths,

To prevent themselves from screaming…

Ask the walls which could only watch,

The blood spill of the innocent.

Ask the winds which screamed and howled,

As the children fell to the ground.

Ask the desks which in the end,

Were the only refuge for them…


Just ask.

A poem about the Peshawar School Massacre by the Taliban. (16 December 2014)


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