Best Friends.

Best Friends
Best Friends

Sometimes you meet someone and that person makes a special place in your heart. As a rule, I never get too close to people. I maintain a safe distance so that I may retreat whenever I have to. I don’t trust people easily and honestly the world has not given me much to trust. But there I am living in my own little bubble, pretending the world didn’t exist and even if it did it did not bother me even though it did. And then I met her. My best friend.

This girl is my soul sister. We always know what the other is thinking and what would make the other person feel better. She has been there with me through the most difficult times and she has stood by me.

Well in reality, we are a trio. Me, her and her sister. Together we are invincible. But me and her ( her name is Fakeha) share a special bond. It is like I have known her forever even though it has just been a year. And I owe her a lot. I owe her a lot of smiles, a lot of laughter. I owe her a shoulder to cry on because she has always been mine. I owe her all the prayers and so many memories. I owe her the promise of my friendship which I hope I will be able to fulfill.

Thank you Fakeha for making me trust. Thank you for being the friend that you are.

You should know that you are the only person I have written on my blog for. I owed you this and a lot more.


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