The Last Ride

There she goes my little girl,

Just this morning I watched her twirl.

She was wearing a new frock so pink,

With my hand, her hand was linked.

We reached the ride which goes round and round,

She jumped and danced to the sound.

Once she was on it, her eyes shone bright,

It was a truly heartwarming sight.

The ride began and I watched her go,

The ride turned a corner and lo!

There was a bang and nothing remained,

The ground with blood was stained.

I am looking for my little girl,

In the morning, who I watched twirl.

Wearing a frock so pink,

Where is she; I fear to think.


At least 65 people have been killed while over 300 injured as a result of a deadly explosion that took place in Gulshan Iqbal Park, Lahore. Most of the victims were women and children. (27 March 2016)




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