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KIETMUN: An Experience Of A Lifetime.

Meeting new people from different schools, colleges and backgrounds; standing up in front of them and presenting solutions for given problems; all the research and hard work which goes into learning about the country you are a delegate of, is an experience in itself. Not to mention, the learning value and the enjoyment you get out of it.

The first MUN I ever went to was held in my own university. I had decided to become a part of it because one of the seniors I absolutely adore had asked me and I couldn’t refuse.

I thought to myself, ” It is not a big deal. It isn’t like somebody will force me to speak up. Right?” WRONG.

One of our chairs, who I met a day before KIETMUN began was informed about my plan of silence and of the fact that he scared me, by a traitor friend. (So many masks people wear)

The day the committee sessions began, I knew. I knew that the chair will force me to speak if it is the last thing he does. And he did. He forced me thrice, in three days. So, it wasn’t a total loss.

The one time I raised my placard by myself, he did an act of dying of shock, which was embarrassing in its own rite.

The first day, he made me speak, nobody could hear me. It seemed like somebody had hit a mute button.

The second day, it was a bit better.

The third day, my voice could be heard loud and clear.

During the entertainment sessions, weird notes and dares were passed to the front of the room. I doodled a picture of my favorite chair. Of course. And in the end, it got so comfortable that I couldn’t believe how freaked out I had been on the first day.

I don’t consider myself shy. But it is somewhat threatening; standing in front of strangers and presenting an opinion.

There are somethings everyone must experience at least once in their life time. Things like entering a committee room with fear in your heart on the first day and leaving with friends and laughter on the third; sitting next to someone and making jokes and laughing before even a single session has passed; avoiding to meet your chair’s eye because you know he will signal you to speak next.

Now that I think back to that day, I am glad my friend was a traitor and leaked my plans of silence

I am glad that I was forced to speak up. ( I got my revenge anyways) My chair is one of the few people I know I can count on and who shares my love of poetry. Who knew!

I am glad I got to meet so many amazing people; a lot of whom have stood by me and helped me out when I needed them.

I am glad I was part of KIETMUN. I truly am.