Rewrite the Past

You just can’t rewrite the past,

Hence, forever it must last.

It is true that time flies fast.

And the curse has been cast.

Nobody can bring back what you thought was right,

You just have to stand up and fight.

Stand up against all the shadows in night,

Look for your way to the light.



And in those eyes I saw a hate,

Which in the end sealed my fate.

I pay for something I didn’t do,

I lose my life with no clue.

This enmity started out of love,

Where is the peace? Where is the dove?


That girl you see burns inside,

Because of your remarks so snide.

That poor boy you consider wide,

Tries to starve himself every night.

That girl with the pimples on her face,

Gathers all courage to stand with grace.

That kid with the stutter in your class,

Is probably scared of talking to a mass.

All those short or too tall to be true,

Rarely ever have a clue.

Bullies stand all around,

Pointing, laughing, making sounds.

Rumors which spread with such ease,

Might be cause of more than tease.

Stop the bullying today and now,

Come on bullies; take a bow.

In The End

In the end its Muslims dying,

In the end, its mankind crying.

No difference of Sunni-Shia prevails,

When life and its meaning derails.

Death is sad for all of life,

Just adds meaning to our strife.

The soil of the world shall remain to be red,

All the people still filled with dread.

No matter how much time passes by,

No matter how we raise hue and cry.

And all these conflicted beliefs,

No sight at all of any relief.

Sunni and Shia are all the same,

And as Muslims, come to fame.

To the enemy, we are all alike,

Wouldn’t care to put us on spike.

Stand together, stand tall,

And for once we won’t fall.

(Hoping for a peaceful Muharram all over the world)