Let Go

Sometimes things are out of your hands;
Like a situation reaching a point,
Where you have no other option but to let go.
To let go of you ideas, your hopes, even your expectations;
And just let things flow.
Let the river of destruction take it’s course.
You can only be the dam holding it in for so long.
Let go before you break.
Let go before the situation breaks you.
Sometimes you can’t prepare for the worst;
You can think about it,
Stress about it,
Worry and be anxious over it.
But you will never be prepared for when the storm hits.
It will always be so many times worse than you imagined it to be.
So let go right now.
You’ll figure it out when the time comes.


You Choose

You choose the people who betray you in life,

You choose the ones who put you in strife.

So when you shed tears for those who you lost,

Remember you were willing to pay the cost.


Trust me dear; this was fate, Meant to happen at any rate. Full of surprises, is this life, Moments of happiness or of strife. All these smiles that we share, Always so full of love and care. It’s in our eyes what we feel, And that is the real deal. Sunny days and rainy nights, […]


I would lose them, this is my fear,

All these people I hold so dear..

Make me happy with just a smile,

Give me courage to walk a mile..

Happiness is when I stand with them,

I trust I have found the rarest gem..

An open book, a simple look,

That for me, is all it took..

Today, I thank God for the gift,

Which always gives my mood a lift.

My Mother

My mother is second to none,

She is just number one.

My mother is creative and also quite imaginative.

She is loving caring as can be,

She is a happy, helpful, breathing tree.

She likes to read,

Books which others fear to tread.

She is very frank,

But does not like pranks.

She is the best,

Better than the rest.

I cannot imagine a life without Mom,

It’s like a Jerry without a Tom.

This is a poem I wrote a very long time ago, one of my firsts. I found it today while going through some old papers and thought I should share it with everyone.